The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.
Dorthea Lange

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Club Meeting: March 1, 2010

The next Paducah Photography Club meeting will take place on Monday evening March 1, 2010, at Broadway Church of Christ. Members and new guests please join us as Todd Birdsong and Randy Simmons from WKCTC will be presenting the program. The topic for the evening is "Critique".

Their presentation at our club in 2009 was one of the top programs of the year. They are entertaining and have great useful information presented in a very understandable format. It will be even more fun for you if you submit some of your own photographs to be critiqued - they will not know the name of the photographer.

Take some time to google "critique of photographs" and read up on the information presented there. A little time spent in preparing for the program will make it even more beneficial to you.

E-mail photos to Suzanne at:
She will remove names and send to Todd and Randy to format for the meeting.

Check out the new Paducah Photography Club's official website...

From the site, you can link to the club's Facebook page or blogs. Join us with your passion for photography and help us grow for everyone! Please share the link!

Club members published in book...

I just learned that some of our club members have the honor of being part of a new book entitled "Frozen in Time", a photojournalistic style book reflecting the ice storm last winter. According to Mike Smith, our club Vice President, "The Paducah Sun put out a call for submissions back around mid-December. There's about 300 pix in the book, the "art" of it, the damage of it and the recovery work, honoring the people who worked so hard."

On the club's official Facebook page (new link below), there was discussion about it with Jill Tanner (lucky lady made the cover shot... congrats!), Bill Fox and Mike Smith. Mike shared there were photos by Linda King, too. Funny though I don't remember entering. So it seems I have a double...does anyone know her? LOL

Perhaps those of you who were selected to be a part of the historical photographic journal will bring your photos to share with the club AND if you bought the book... it would be a great thing to share with members.

Congrats to all who entered!

PS... Let's publish them on the website in a special slide show. Please send photos that were published in the book to: Thanks!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The meeting tonight... February 1, 2010

Tonight's meeting was great and the feedback from club members was positive. Thanks to Mike Smith, Alison Hahn, Suzanne Roach and Caroline Roach for the mini workshops. These are the kind of meetings that really help members to get to know each other and share their talents and knowledge. Now let's see how much we can remember tomorrow. :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

To all club members...

We are asking for club members to share in adding content to the blogs. If everyone participates, it will make it an interesting, educational and informative resources for the club and newcomers or visitors.

Share your thoughts, talents and things you have learned or want to learn. Help us to make the blogs a must-visit place.

Paducah Photography Club

Photography Club meeting update...

From Suzanne Roach...

Just a quick update on our Photography Club meeting on Monday, February 1st, at 6:30. The challenge theme this month is motion. Our program for the evening is going to be a mini workshop. We will learn about exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and white balance. Everyone needs to bring their camera and their camera's user manual in order to participate as this will be a very hands on program.

March's program will be a presentation by Randy Simmons and Todd Birdsong. Randy and Todd will teach us how to critique our own work and the work of others. They will also cover the basics of composition. Everyone who wishes to have their images critiqued by Todd and Randy needs to upload 2 images to the club flickr site. If you do not have a flickr account, you can email the images to me directly and I will forward them to Todd and Randy. Todd and Randy will not know who's image is whose...your name will not appear with the photograph, so the critique will be anonymous.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting tomorrow night!

Suzanne Roach
Program Committee Chair